7. Platform and Community – Using the Handbook

The UNKSOC.ORG Platform – the digital face of the Knowledge Societies Policy Handbook – serves two purposes. It provides digital support to the Handbook, thus aiming to enhance its dissemination and usage. It also provides flexible access to the different components that constitute the Knowledge Societies Policy Handbook so the Handbook can become a useful and widely available tool to all those involved in policymaking in the area of Knowledge Societies.

The UNKSOC.ORG Platform has also been thought as an enabler of the emergence of a community of researchers and practitioners around the subject of Knowledge Societies Policy. To fulfil such role, through the content it aggregates and through the functionality it provides, the UNKSOC.ORG Platform must have the ability of becoming a hub within a network that interconnects different players in Knowledge Societies policy-making: government agents and staff, experts, educators, researchers, etc.

This chapter outlines the content and functionality of the platform (Section 7.1), presents how the platform could be used by different categories of users (Section 7.2), describes how the platform could stimulate the development of a community engaged in Knowledge Societies policy-making (Section 7.3), and outlines possible evolution of the platform to address evolving user needs and to support the growth of the community (Section 7.3).